Does your child have a love for the art of dance?

This is a NEW program for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Nominations are now being accepted for classes for the LEX2 Artistically Gifted and Talented Dance Program.  Students who are currently in grades 3-12 are eligible to be nominated.  Nominations will be accepted from teachers, administrators and parents.

Auditions are required for acceptance into this program.  There are a limited number of spaces in each class and the auditions are competitive.  After a student is nominated, they will receive a letter informing them of the details for their audition.  Auditions will be held at Busbee Creative Arts Academy on Saturday, September 25th, and each child will be assigned a specific time for their audition.  Classes will be held for one hour per week after school.  Parents are responsible for transportation.  There will be no charge for these classes; however, parents will be responsible for the cost of their child’s costume for the year-end performance, which will be held in the spring.

Parents, please contact your school’s assistant principal by Thursday, September 2, 2021 to nominate your child for this program.